As an instrumental teacher I specialise in the Recorder and Baroque Flute, although I also teach the Viol (viola da gamba). I recommend instruments by Anthony Arnold.

I give individual Recorder lessons from beginner to diploma level or beyond. I also coach groups of intermediate level at home once a fortnight, advanced level (apply to me), and at Nottingham University and Michael House School. I am available to coach groups on request.

I teach the Baroque flute from the beginning (assuming a general knowledge of music) - flute-playing ability is not a prerequisite !

I teach the Viol (treble, tenor and bass) from the beginning to a good consort standard, and have a number of instruments to loan . Knowledge of other stringed instruments is not a prerequisite - you can begin this instrument from scratch, so to speak!

My specialities as a teacher are Baroque style and interpretation. I am personally extremely interested in the French school.

For lessons I accompany students on the harpsichord, although I also have a piano available for the modern repertory.